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IO-Power USSP-12V0712-II Series Download Download Download Download
In /Outdoor Large Consumption Model
Online Type Uninterruptible Operation Power System


Download : Outdoor DC UPS Power System Product Data Sheet List


IO-Power USSP-12V0712-II series is special designed Indoor / Outdoor load for large power consumption system equipment, to meet the Indoor / Outdoor uninterruptible operation of the system, such as infrared cameras, infrared projector, thermal energy conversion devices, large discharge current equipment or take over 12 hours more effective online type uninterruptible operation power systems.

IO-Power USSP-12V0712-II series, the use of industrial level of metal protection shell and waterproof dust reached IP66 of mechanism design, and import latest technology of resistance high and low temperature C-LiFePO4 lithium battery and unique charging and discharging battery management control and the static zero power consume patented technology, achieve Indoor / Outdoor power load device of long-term large consumption safety new application online type uninterruptible operation power systems.

IO-Power USSP-12V0712-II series, take online type does not interrupt of long-term large consumption power supply system design, special for demand strict operation in the system of not interrupt using; its long-term of power supply time can over 12 hours above, can directly application for emergency rescue system, mobile power supply system, Indoor / Outdoor infrared surveillance security system, Indoor / Outdoor infrared projection lamp, mine and the special work environment device system, businesses charges trading records system, financial institutions security protection system, elevator security video monitoring system, fire security system, precious articles or products monitoring system, 24 hours road records device cameras system, even is home large fish tank pumped up and the circulatory system …and so on, those applications are very suitable to use USSP-12V0712-II series.

IO-Power USSP-12V0712-II series, Indoor / Outdoor long-term large consumption online type Uninterruptible Operation power system of the system components including:

1. Input AC power port: AC 100-240V AC input, converted to 18V/2.2~4.8A by AC-DC transformer, that operation of the system power source.

 2. Microprocessor modules: microprocessor for detecting input power management, battery management, battery management power control, output voltage management, system operations control detection and protection management, perform the dimensional transport co-ordination and control of the overall system management.

 3. The charging and discharging control module: charge balanced voltage detection and management for battery and battery management control, CCP/CVP charge of unique patented technology, complemented by patent protection mechanism of static power consumption of zero discharge, battery low voltage protection and rapid recovery of operation, provide the best protection and the efficient operation of the mechanism.

4. The DC power output port: DC power supply discharge detection through microprocessor control and protection, for load device power requirement, corresponds to taking the appropriate current power supply, minimum 0.5A to maximum 3A DC current supply control.

5. Special strengthening of protection measures: for seasons environment of high and low temperature changes, maybe produce serious effect on battery of cycle life and using efficiency, even produced using device of security problem, therefore for USSP-12V0712-II Indoor / Outdoor type products series, special design industrial level airtight metal shell and waterproof dust reached IP66 of mechanism design and the resistance high and low temperature waterproof connector accessories, to avoid Indoor / Outdoor environment using device of security problem occurs.

6. Resistance high and low temperature long-effect C-LiFePO4 lithium battery: due to should Indoor / Outdoor operation in the system of not interrupt and more long-term large consumption using demand, traditional general of Indoor / Outdoor concentrated type uninterruptible power system, is obvious to cannot provides should have of service; USSP-12V0712-II series distributed architecture design power systems, high charge and discharge times and through the new C-LiFePO4 lithium battery and battery cycle life to provide more than traditional generally features. The USSP-12V0712-II power supply capacity compare traditional uninterruptible power supply more than 2 times and 5 times power system operation time and 7 times battery cycle life, fully rendering Indoor / Outdoor lighting online type large consumption uninterruptible operation power system of outstanding characteristics.

IOP-USSP-12V0712-II Series Specification (* Patent Pending)






Indoor Model
DC Jack
Iron Airtight Housing
IP 66





Power Capacity

88 WH (6.9Ah @ 12.8V)

103 WH (8.05Ah @ 12.8V)

117 WH (9.2Ah @ 12.8V)

148 WH (11.6Ah @ 12.8V)

AC to DC Adapter
Input AC Voltage
Output DC Voltage

100-240V/1.2A~2A  50/60Hz
18V~20V/2.2A~4.8 Max **

DC to DC for Device

DC 11.5 ~ 14.4V +-3% 3A Max

DC to DC for Battery

14.4V +-3%  2.2A~4.8A Max

Transform Efficiency



On Line Working System Non Stop
Standby Consume Protection*
Balance Voltage Function*
Overload Protection
Overcharge Protection
Over discharge Protection
Over current Protection
Short circuit Protection

Support Battery Type

C-LiFePO4 Battery

Battery Capacity

6.9Ah @ 12.8V (88 WH )

8.05Ah @ 12.8V (103 WH)

9.2Ah @ 12.8V (117 WH)

11.6Ah @ 12.8V (148 WH)

Battery Charge Mode


Battery Charge Voltage

14.4V +- 3%

Battery Charge Float Voltage

13.6V +- 3%

Battery Cut-off Discharge Voltage

11V +- 3%

Standard Charge Current


Standard Discharge Current


Max. Discharge Current


Battery Cycle Life
(80% Capacity)
0.2C Charging
0.5C Discharge

@ 25°C 2000 Times
@ 45
°C 1600 Times
@ 50
°C 1200 Times
@ 60
°C  550 Times
@ 60
°C 720 Times 70% Capacity

Industrial Housing & Connector

Iron Airtight Housing
IP 67 Gland Connector

Connector Type

1.Input: 100~240V / 50-60Hz AC Plug to 18V~20V DC Jack Female
2.Output:12V/DC Jack Female

Operating Temperature

-20°C ~ 60°C
°C Battery Capacity:100%
°C Battery Capacity : 60%
°C Battery Capacity : 48%

Charging Temperature

-30°C ~ 60°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C ~ 40°C

Rel. Humidity


Storage Time
(Before the Use, please First Charge)

Do not wake the system can store 12 months (after you wake the system, each 2 months charging 1 times; Please fully charging battery in first times to use)




2.3Kg (Box 3.1Kg) (3Pcs/Carton)

2.5Kg (Box 3.3Kg) (3Pcs/Carton)

2.7Kg (Box 3.5Kg) (3Pcs/Carton)

2.9Kg (Box 3.7Kg) (3Pcs/Carton)

LED Indicator

1. Input AC power LED-red full light (Battery capacity more than 95%)
2. Input AC power LED-red flash light (Battery is charging)
3. Battery is charging, Insert the 12V device load, LED-green flash light
4. Battery none charging, Insert the 12V device load, LED-green full light, if the LED-green flash of low voltage discharge, please charging it.






1.Street lamp pole mount
2.Upright pole mount
3.Wall mount installation
4.DIN Rail (Optional)


12 months

Ps 1: Battery Capacity +-5%

Ps 2: Product specifications change, without notice, consultation with agent or dealer before buying the latest specifications

Note 3:** this product restricted latitude enterprises ( GS-series adapters for industrial use, other brands of adapters, matches may not be used, please pay special attention to.


High Temperature Charge Test Report

High Temperature Discharge Test Report



Bank ATM / Museum / Goldsmith & Jewelry Shop / Store / Exhibition Booths / Police Station Firearms Room & Military Ammunition Depots ...and so on
Distributed UPS Surveillance System




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