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Outdoors 3G/4G wireless cloud surveillance & temporary mobile surveillance system

Real Outdoor Waterproof, Resistant to High Temperature 70 , Life Cycle more than 6 Years and Outdoor DC UPS Support Power Supply over 12Hrs - 130Hrs.

Should for "Fire site emergency ", "Emergency accident temporary ", " Illegal to deliver garbage", " Forest stealing the timber ", "Temporary activities ", "Construction site ", " Marathon road race activity "...and so on, to do mobile video record and cloud real time monitoring.

Outdoor 3G/4G Wireless Cloud Surveillance System Demo

Dome Website:


Password: 25081985


Integration Special Features:

n Cloud Network IR Camera

- Support 1.3 Mega Pixels network Camera and 20-meter infrared effect at night.

- Design of VPN network, simply enter your account number and password in advance online, without making any setting, you can make a cloud video monitoring and network real time monitor.

- If connected to the Internet network can perform remote control setting on a cloud.

- Site backups can used with NVR video recording, also can be used with NAS backend video management.

n The Cloud of Network Monitoring Platform Run Recording and Playback Features

- Only need connected to the Internet network, cloud platform will automatically perform the cloud video in real time.

- Only need connected to the Internet network, you can watch real-time video recording images from cloud platforms.

- Only need connected to the Internet network, you can remote control and playback video recording images from cloud platforms.

- The cloud record video type can select 7-day or 30-day cycle, covers the video replays and download access to your files.

n  Outdoor 3G/4G Wireless Router

- 3G/4G wireless, mobility and wireless advantage does not subject to space restrictions, particularly suitable for monitoring emergency and temporary needs.

- 3G wireless bandwidth up to 2Mbps, 4G the wireless bandwidth up to 8~18Mbps, can handle single or multiple cameras transmission needs.

- 3G/4G wireless router transfers, only need 3G/4G SIM card is inserted, without making any setting can online transferred right away.

n Outdoor Long-term DC UPS Power Supply System

- Power supply system with IP66 outdoor environment with 70 heat-resistant normal operation of more than 6 years of service life.

- Support for 12 hrs ~ 130 hrs outdoor power supply system (or connect online backup DC UPS to place an unlimited number of days), (based on the 3G/4G wireless video monitoring system in the cloud power calculations)

- Use large power consumption DC UPS type can supports eight cameras working at same time and large current fast-charge available in a short time (2-10 hours) full battery.

n  Magnet Match-Assembly Equipment and Easy Storage Tripod

- Portable mobility combined with the magnet change and free features such as adsorption of metal fixation, suitable for use in an emergency


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