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IO-Power IOP-IP66-WMB-L1 Series

Outdoor High & Low Temperature IP66 Wireless Mobile Surveillance System

- With Multi-features Integration and Extension of Function -

The IOP-IP66-WMB-L1 Series which is based on the Outdoor High and Low Temperature Explosion-Proof DC UPS Power Supply System and EL-N / ML-N Wireless Transmission System, And finally install the Network lightning surge / DC lightning surge protector according to the lightning surge needs and so on, so it is integrate the core special functions of various devices and achieve the design of a full set of system independent box operation.

The IOP-IP66-WMB-L1 series has an extended range of functions due to the need to accommodate a variety of special projects due to the outdoor wireless mobile surveillance system including:

n  Plug-in USSP expansion: outdoor high temperature explosion-proof DC UPS power supply system total capacity

n  Plug-in DAPS expansion: a parallel solar power system

n  Plug-in R200 expansion: outdoor 4G-LTE wireless monitoring transmission and WiFi Internet system

n  Plug-in DAPI expansion: 12V DC to 24V AC power supply

n  Plug-in high-power DPoE expansion: 12V DC to 48V PoE-72W Ethernet power supply

n  Plug-in standard DPoE expansion: 12V DC to 48V PoE-30W Ethernet power supply

n  Plug-in O4PSW expansion: 12Vdc to 48Vdc 4Port PoE Switch power supply

n  Plug-in DAPS expansion: parallel redundant power supply and a parallel DAPS solar DC UPS power supply system

n  Plug-in SCBP expansion: Input 12 ~ 24Vdc series boost to 48 ~ 96Vdc 400W power supply

n  Plug-in BBVC expansion: can be directly supplied to the NB computer or through the vehicle power to charging the DC UPS

n  Plug-in SELP extension expansion: RJ-45 Ethernet lightning surge protector

n  Plug-in LPDC extension expansion: 1DC to 4DC DC lightning surge protector

Download Product Data Sheet : IOP-IP66-WMB-L1 Series Data Sheet 2018 V1.0 EW


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