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Roof rack special "stainless steel VESA international standard wind pressure resistance" double layer 150mm fixing bracket

Applicable to fixing "roof rack solar panels", "roof luggage", "various roof accessories"



Model: IOP-SCMK-VESA75-2

n  Illustration of the main parts and accessories of the stainless steel fixing frame:

-- Double-deck stacking bracket: (height 150mm)

A. VESA international standard stainless steel mount * 2 Pcs.

B. M5 * 12mm stainless steel screws * 20 Pcs.

C. M5 nut with spacer * 7 Pcs.

(Lock the metal frame of the solar panel, if the hole position cannot be matched, please drill the corresponding hole in the frame)

D. Length 100mm * Width 65mm * Height 25mm Anti-collision foam * 2 Pcs.

E. Hot-melt waterproof tape for outdoor use * 1 Pcs

(It can be cut into 2-4 sections, and the positive and negative poles of the solar panel are connected for waterproof protection; The hot-melt tape can be stretched and extended 2-6 times in length for multiple layers of interactive coverage, and finally melts into one layer. )


-- Product use has characteristics:

-- Robust and safe: Don't worry about driving on the highway anymore!!

-- Elastic inclination: solar panels can be erected at an inclination and the reverse flow effect of high-speed driving!!

-- Suspension shock absorption: no longer need to worry about solar panel collision damage

-- Easy to assemble and disassemble: remove 4 screws to remove, lock 4 screws to assemble and fix

-- Height selection: In response to the height limit requirements of the underground parking lot, you can choose a single-layer or double-layer fixing frame, or double-layer height, which can be reduced to a single-layer height at any time


-- Stainless steel fixing frame, use mode:

1. Double-deck stacking bracket (height 150mm):

A. Group 1: Simply attach camping items or waterproof bags...etc.

B. Group 2: Small storage boxes, bicycles, etc. can be erected.

C. Group 3: Can set up SUP/surfboard, large storage box...etc.

D. Group 4: Solar panels/canoes, bicycles, etc. can be erected.


-- Stainless steel fixing frame, price model: FOB Taiwan, freight is excluded.

(Camping friends recommends commercialization, to solve the problem of not being able to buy it!!)

-- Two sets of double-layer stacking brackets (height 150mm):

A. Group 1: 40 USD

B. Group 2: 74 USD

C. Group 3: 107 USD

D. Group 4: 140 USD


-- Optional additional price purchase:

A. 2 U-shaped M6 screws (including 4 M6 nuts with washers): 5 USD.

B. 4 pieces of anti-collision foam with a thickness of 2.5mm: 3 USD.

C. 1 piece of hot-melt waterproof tape for outdoor use: 2 USD.

D. 5 pieces of M5 * 12mm stainless steel screws: 2 USD.

E. 5 pieces of M5 * 20mm stainless steel screws: 2 USD.

F. 10 pieces of M5 nuts with spacers: 1USD

G. 12 pieces of M5 elastic spacers: 1USD



Roof rack special "stainless steel VESA international standard wind pressure resistance fixing bracket


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