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Customized solar 4G-LTE wireless mobile monitoring system

Please prepare the following information before consulting the system integration requirements design for customization:
1. Please provide "power consumption data of various equipment in the system"
(or matching transformer specifications)

2. Please provide the "data on the estimated installation location of the system"
(or data on the number of sunshine hours in the area)

3. Please estimate "the number of operating hours the system must cope with continuous cloudy and rainy days"
(or a response plan for cloudy and rainy days)

4. Please estimate "after the solar system is operating, if it is found that the pre-assessment plan is exceeded, is there a backup plan?"

5. Please evaluate "whether there are more energy-saving system equipment available"
(energy-saving equipment can save 30-60% of power consumption and cost)

Mobile solar 4G-LTE wireless cloud video surveillance system_12Ah_ EV1

Mobile solar 4G-LTE wireless cloud video surveillance system_12Ah_ EV1


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