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IO-Power Technology Co., Ltd. made up of three research and development with two engineering teams.

Team member specializing in outdoor wireless systems and wireless supervisory control system of product development engineering establishment, the cumulative wireless transmission technology and practical experience, has more than 12 years, around the world implement application benefits of wireless technology and practice of engineering.

In addition, members of network equipment and electronic devices and power management systems and other software and hardware development and design experience for over 14 years, in the design of control software also has 10 years of practical experience.

Since the beginning of 2009 into long-type power supply system to outdoor, outdoor street light power power supply system of multifunctional street lighting power supply system, outdoor solar energy solar-power power supply system of multifunctional street lighting power supply system of sth Systems research and development, both at home and abroad and made a number of patents.

We developed the urgent needs of the customer use equipment closer to the actual system engineering, supplemented with special specifications, technology research and development capabilities, to provide high quality, high stability, high added-value products, competitiveness and long-term stability for customers to create unique market profit mode.

1.WiFi MIMO AP wireless device development and sales

2.WiFi MIMO AP planning and construction of long distance wireless monitoring system

3. WiFi MIMO AP long-distance bandwidth wireless transmission system planning and construction

4. The Foreign Ministers of the Interior-activity-UPS power supply system research and development and sales

5. Outdoor street lamps power systems development and sales

6. The outdoor type multifunctional street lighting power supply system development and sales

7. Outdoor solar lights-continuous electric power systems research and development and sales

8. Outdoor solar multifunctional street lighting power supply system development and sales

9. Abnormal life high and low temperature-resistant lithium iron battery system development sales


Congratulations!!   IO-Power Technology gets I454017 invention patents.

Since 30/03/2011 IO-Power technology put forward [online interactive power control system] for invention patent and get Taiwan patent application number 100110906.

After 3 years of project review by patent examination personnel, finally culminated in the 21/09/2014 get I454017 certificate of patent for invention.

During patent: 2014/09/21 ~ 2031/03/29

Patents in total 16 items, patents cover –

[Enter charge], [output discharge], [parallel charging], [parallel discharge], [cascade PoE power input and power output], [characteristics of charge and discharge management], [remote control with the purpose to judge] ... And so on


IO-Power USSS-12V1224OA Series

Solar Collection Cloudy model

Next Generation Solar Collection Energy Online Type

Power Generation System

(Taiwan / China ... Patent Pended*)




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