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IO-Power Outdoor WiFi MIMO-802.11n Wireless Access Point
Product Data Sheet V3.0

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IOP-APM-101RH/102RH/103RH Series
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IO-POWER APM-101RH/102RH/103RH Series

802.11a/g/n Multiple Hops Bridge

Outdoor WiFi MIMO Wireless Access Point

The APM-100RH series are enterprise and carrier-grade 802.11a/g/n Outdoor Wireless Access Point which offers customer a robust and high performing solution for PTP / PTMP / Hotline / Hotzone applications in both license-free 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The APM-100RH series are suitable for  campuses, hospitality, healthcare, warehousing and wider metropolitan area deployments.

The APM-100RH series offer three major features.

n  Multi-Hops feature with low loss of backbone throughput:

The throughput reduces about 5~8Mbps/each Hop. From the 5th Hop on, the Throughput will not reduce anymore. The throughput can be remained more than 120Mbps. Even after 10 Hops, the latency is still within 10ms.

103R(H) has 3 RF modules, so it can support 3 backbones for the gathering of wider bandwidth from different directions.

n  Multi-Hops + Mesh Networking System: This solution is for carrier-grade project that needs to provide wireless internet service or large-scale wireless surveillance image transmission.

To solve the problem that the normal internet system breakdown, Mesh Network features such as auto route selection and self-healing is adopted here.

n  Multi-Hops + Mesh Networking System + High-Mobility: This is for carrier-grade project that provide high-mobility transmission service in a large area. EX: wireless high-mobility surveillance transmission in city roads or highway, railway high-mobility data transmission, rapid transit (subway) high-mobility data transmission, and even high-speed train high-mobility data transmission.

Mesh Networking System, collocating with the wide-bandwidth of Multi-Hops and the specially designed Mesh Client, high-mobility data can be transmitted fast and automatically via Mesh Networking System.

APM-100RH series have the advantages as below:

Flexible wireless backbone deployment options

Multiple radio interfaces were integrated by IO-Power’s core data switching technology inside the APM-100RH series. Each radio interface can be configured independently to meet different wireless connectivity purposes. With the fast data switching between multiple radio interfaces, the backbone throughput will remain in a high level even after several relays between APs.

High-performance wireless backbone

With the new generation 802.11N MIMO technology, the APM-100RH, offer data link rate up to 300Mbps in each single radio interface, 160Mbps bandwidth. Short Guard Interval and Frames Aggregation methodology configurations improve the efficient of backbone usage, with total data link rate 300Mbps and 320Mbps bandwidth.

Security and efficient client connectivity

The nimble QoS (Quality of Service) configuration provides flexible management of user’s access bandwidth of wireless connectivity. Perfect integrated with central RADIUS server and data encryption technique, the APM-100RH series provide a secure wireless connectivity for each client device.

Support CPE mode link functionality (ability to interconnect with other manufacturers products)

Focus on WISP Last Mile application demand and on-line integration of other brands of wireless devices need special features designed with the wireless station CPE mode, this features will let wireless system operators and SI able to design more secure wireless transmission systems, reduce the risk of integrating wireless transmission systems are compatible.

Support low speed mobility wireless roaming handover function of 50-100 km (actual support speed and transmission distance, depend on wireless signal strength)

The low speed moving wireless transmission requirements for general needs, specifically designed to support wireless roaming handover function at low speed of 50-100 km, through the advanced features of the roaming setting function at low speed, in wireless station setting 3 set of roaming wireless devices frequency, handover for low speed mobility wireless roaming.

Support multiple hops backhaul transmit system in interruption situation and after backhaul system backup failover link features

Multiple hops backhaul transmission system, faced hops transmission interrupt issues, through the secondary AP backup setting of the advanced features, to prepare set 3 AP SSID and Frequency for backup link by wireless station mode, it will automatically fix the link mechanisms, and will reduce the risks of backhaul transmission line.

System construction of the antenna set-up and environment detection and signal strength display online reaction functions

A. detection scan feature with a wireless set up environment to facilitate wireless engineers determine the channel selection use reference

B. after the deployments of the antenna, wireless antenna proofreading mechanism through the built-in software, RSSI, signal strength, wireless information made to facilitate judgment antenna alignment or not, benefit builders antenna tuning jobs

C. wireless link and transmission mechanism of software testing to confirm the transmission bandwidth wireless system exceeding above 50Mbps

D. dynamic wireless signals and transmission rate and display icons, in order to facilitate wireless engineers determine the wireless system operation stability

E. by the AP side (your base) and AC side (client or monitoring) detects each other link signals and transmission rates and information display mechanisms such as encryption or not, in order to facilitate wireless engineers and technicians for the future maintenance, judge signals at both ends of the wireless system operation

Mesh Networking Function (Optional software)

When installing backbones in a large-scale area, Mesh Networking function can be selected to offer special features as below:

A. Mesh data transmission with OSI (Open System Interconnection Reference Model) Layer 2, Data Link Layer, can fasten the data handover and self-healing for connection, and lower the bandwidth loss because of Hopping. It can offer 100Mbps bandwidth after 10 Hops.
B. Automatically searching for the best route
C. Automatically disconnecting and searching available connections
D. Automatically balancing data rate
E. Automatically refreshing the node information of Mesh Networking System
F. Automatically scanning and choosing channels
G. Automatically update the system via Server or Gateway
H. Automatically forming internet cloud
I. Support fast transmission via automatic route searching
J. Support fast roaming calculation of signals and data rate
K. Support wide-bandwidth Mesh Networking transmission

L. Support Multi-Gateway for backup use

Hi-mobile with Mesh Networking System (selectable software)

Mesh Networking System, collocating with the wide-bandwidth of Multi-Hops and the specially designed Mesh Client, can build Mesh high-mobility Networking, offering 100Mbps high-mobility throughput at 200KM/h.


Outdoor Wireless MIMO AP Product Specification

APM-101RH / APM-102RH / APM-103RH Series V1.0



Model Name




Rear Side

Top of Antenna Connector

Below of Antenna Connector


Front Side


APM-100RH Category


Radio Spec.

Radio Amount


2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual-Band 2x2 MIMO High Power 23dBm (200mW)



2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual-Band 2x2 MIMO High Power 23dBm (200mW)



2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual-Band 2x2 MIMO High Power 23dBm (200mW)


Antenna Connector Sequential Organization

     Radio-1: Antenna 1 & Antenna 2


     Radio-2: Antenna 1 & Antenna 2

     Radio-3: Antenna 1 & Antenna 2

Hardware Specification

Key Components

Main Processor

Atheros AR7161(680Mhz)

Wireless Chipset

Atheros AR9220 based mini PCI module, Up to three modules

Switch Controller

Atheros AR8035 / Atheros AR8021

Flash Memory





UART x 1(PCBA onboard)




Up to three 2x2 MIMO radios, mini-PCI version 1.0 type 3A

Frequency ranges :

a.    USA : 2.400 ~ 2.483 GHz, 5.15 ~ 5.35 GHz, 5.5 ~ 5.7 GHz, 5.725 ~ 5.825 GHz

b.    Europe: 2.400 ~ 2.483 GHz, 5.15 ~ 5.35 GHz, 5.47 ~ 5.725 GHz

c.    Japan: 2.400 ~ 2.497 GHz, 5.15 ~ 5.35 GHz, 5.47 ~ 5.725 GHz

d.    China: 2.400 ~ 2.483 GHz, 5.725 ~5.85 GHz

RF output power of DNMA-H92 :

a.    IEEE802.11a

1.       24dBm@6M(all)

2.       21dBm@54M(all)

b.    IEEE802.11g

1.       25dBm@6M(all)

2.       22dBm@54M(all)

c.    IEEE802.11a/n HT20

1.       24dBm@MCS0/8(all)

2.       18dBm@MCS7/15(5180MHz)   17dBm@MCS7/15(5825MHz)

d.    IEEE802.11a/n HT40

1.       22dBm@MCS0/8(all)

2.       17dBm@MCS7/15(5190MHz)   16dBm@MCS7/15(5795MHz)

e.    IEEE802.11g/n HT20

1.       25dBm@MCS0/8(all)

2.       21dBm@MCS7/15(all)

f.      IEEE802.11g/n HT40

1.       24dBm@MCS0/8(all)

2.       20dBm@MCS7/15(all)

Receive Sensitivity of DNMA-H92 :

a.    IEEE802.11a

1. -82dBm@6M, 1Rx    -95/-91dBm@6M, 2Rx

2. -65dBm@54M, 1Rx   -79/-75dBm@54M, 2Rx

b.    IEEE802.11g

1. -82dBm@6M, 1Rx    -95/-91dBm@6M, 2Rx

2. -65dBm@54M, 1Rx   -80/-76dBm@54M, 2Rx

c.    IEEE802.11a/n HT20

1. -82dBm@MCS0, 1Rx   -95/-91dBm@MCS0, 2Rx

2. -64dBm@MCS7, 1Rx   -77/-73dBm@MCS7, 2Rx

d.    IEEE802.11a/n HT40

1. -79dBm@MCS0, 1Rx   -91/-87dBm@MCS0, 2Rx

2. -61dBm@MCS7, 1Rx   -73/-69dBm@MCS7, 2Rx

e.    IEEE802.11g/n HT20

1. -82dBm@MCS0, 1Rx   -95/-91dBm@MCS0, 2Rx

2. -64dBm@MCS7, 1Rx   -77/-73dBm@MCS7, 2Rx

f.      IEEE802.11g/n HT40

1. -79dBm@MCS0, 1Rx   -92/-88dBm@MCS0, 2Rx

2. -61dBm@MCS7, 1Rx   -74/-70dBm@MCS7, 2Rx


10/100/1000 Base-TX MDI/MDIX RJ-45 x 1

Compliant with : IEEE802.3 / 802.3u / 802.3at

Hardware based 10/100/1000, full/half, flow control auto negotiation

RJ-45 wired network Port, designed with Ethernet network surge and lightning surge protection circuits and components


2 x N-type(1 radio)

4 x N-type(2 radios)

6 x N-type(3 radios)

Power Requirement

48V 1A PoE Passive Mode

Support 1 Gigabit Ethernet Bandwidth

Watch Dog

Hardware Watch Dog




220 x 220 x 77 mm





(3.7kg mount kit included)



Temperature Range



0% ~ 95% Non-condensing


-40~ 85

Dusty & Waterproof

Outdoor IP67 rated




FCC:FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart B (Class B) ANSI C63.4-2009

CE:EN 55022&24 + EN 301 489-1-17

EN 300 328 v1 7 1 (EnMA-92)

EN 300 328 v1 7 1 (EnMA-H92)

EN 301 893 V1.5.1  2008 (MIMO HT 40MHz) 5150 ~ 5250(EnMA-92)

EN 301 893 V1.5.1  2008 (MIMO HT 40MHz) 5150 ~ 5250(EnMA-H92)


Software Specification

System Operation

Bridge Mode

Layer 2 Switching Learning Technology


Spanning Tree Protocol - IEEE 802.1d STP / IEEE 802.1w RSTP / IEEE 802.1s MSTP

Static IP / Dynamic IP

DHCP server / client

Multicast / Broadcast Storm Limitation

IEEE 802.1q Tag VLAN

IEEE 802.1p VLAN Priority Based QoS


Network Interface


IEEE 802.11 a/g/n 2.4GHz / 5GHz Dual Band Radio

2 x 2 MIMO Technology

Single Radio / Dual Radios / Triple Radios

AP mode / Wireless Station mode / WDS mode / CPE mode

IEEE 802.11h DFS


Channel / Tx Power / Data Rate / Max Distance Adjustable

Advanced Wireless Parameters Adjustable

Multi-SSIDs / VLAN tags mapping(Up to 16 x ESSIDs for each radio)

Wireless Site Survey

Node Information

Concurrent Connected Node Limitation

Client User Isolation


48V 1A PoE Support Gigabit Ethernet Speed

Ethernet Link Speed Configurable

10/100/1000 Base-TX MDI/MDIX RJ-45







Up to 180Mbps for one radio to Ethernet

Up to 320Mbps for two radios to Ethernet

Up to 320Mbps for three radios to Ethernet


Up to 240Mbps for one radio to Ethernet

Up to 350Mbps for two radios to Ethernet

Up to 350Mbps for three radios to Ethernet


>= 20,000 @ short packet for one radio to Ethernet

>= 28,000 @ short packet for two radios to Ethernet

>= 28,000 @ short packet for three radios to Ethernet


< 5ms

Multiple Hops

2 hops

Up to 160Mbps

3 hops

Up to 150Mbps

>= 4hops

Up to 140Mbps


>= 20,000 @ short packet at multiple hops


< 10ms




Hide SSID (turn off ESSID broadcasting)

MAC Address ACL

WEP 64/128/152 bits


WPA / WPA2 PSK / EAP with TKIP / CCMP AES based Encryption










Console(optional interface)

CLI commands

SNMP v2c/v3, standard / private MIBs


Management VLAN Tag

NTP Client

Firmware upgrade / downgrade

Dual Images

Dual Configuration files / Factory Default

Multiple Level Management


Advanced Technology

Multiple Hopping

Multiple Hops after 10 times, max Throughput can be up to 120Mbps

Multiple Hops after 10 times, Ping latency is 10ms below

Multiple Hops transmission 3 backhauls, can provide the max Throughput up to 350Mbps

Based on the Secondary AP link features, the Multiple Hops backhaul will have backup structure and function

Global Secondary AP Link

Auto detect Wireless link status, default detect time is every 10 minutes

Automatic fixing on-line detection mechanism

RADIO- Secondary AP Link

Setup 3 default Aps for back up link, based on pre-determined priorities AP-SSID and Channel to do the search AP, communication, with AP and line to AP

Each Wireless Station module can be independently functioning

It is special design for Multiple Hops Backhaul System

Bandwidth Control

Based on Both setting, UL+DL the transmission will be management and limitation of bandwidth traffic

Based on UL/DL independent bandwidth setting, transmission will be management and limitation of bandwidth traffic


Enable CPE function of Wireless Station mode, can link to another company’s AP and have full bandwidth application


Based on Wireless Station Mode, enable Roam features can low speed switch different Aps roaming mobile transmission (50-100 km/h) (50-100ms handover speed)

Optional Advanced Technology

Mesh + Hi-mobility

Based on Mesh Network features, can support high speed mobile functions and run large bandwidth in mobility

Up to 200km/hr seamless handover speed

Up to 100Mbps throughput maximum

Support 20-Vehicle at the same time to transmit Hi-mobile surveillance images

Mesh network

OSI Layer 2 of bridge Mesh network structure system

Support Mesh Network features – Best path, Auto repair, Auto network and so on

Multiple Gateways Supporting

Up to 120Mbps Wireless Mesh one Backbone throughput

Support mixed Fiber optic backbone networks and wireless backhaul networks for export settings


Package Contents

1. IO-Power APM-101RH/102RH/103RH 802.11A/G/N Outdoor Bridge Wireless MIMO AP

2. PoE Power Injector

3. AC 90-240V to DC 19V 4.74A Power Adapter

4. Mounting Kit & Screw

5. Download User Manual from website: http://www.io-power.com.tw/Product%20User%20Manual.htm

If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller.


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