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Waterproof WiFi SIP Phone
Support 802.11bg
Industrial WiFi SIP Phone
Support 802.11bg
Industrial WiFi SIP Phone
Support 802.11bgn


Data Sheet Download

Data Sheet Download Data Sheet Download
Special reminder: WiFi Phone mobile phone antennas, has changed to replace the SMA connector antenna   Supporting direct dial under offline mode, same as successful SIP registration.

 IOP-WPD-2409-A2 is an industrial-strong multi-mode wireless smart hand-held terminal designed for industry / professional users, which has more functions: integrating all functions of data terminals, clusters walkie-talkie, cell phones, and alarm. IOP-WPD-2409-A2 fully meets the demands of industry users in information, task order, Cluster-to-talk, Voice, rescue and so on. As the industry users usually work outdoors, in poor environment, IOP-WPD-2409-A2 with its’ industrial-grade robustness ensures its quality.

IOP-WPD-2409-A2 gives full consideration to the design of anti-VI: waterproof, dustproof, anti-break, anti-Shock, anti-static; protective shell should be consistent with the performance of IP56 about Protection level in GB 4208-93. IOP-WPD-2409-A2 uses wireless Wi-Fi communication; can meet the real-time communication, reliability, high-bandwidth requirements of industry users.

IOP-WPD-2409-A2 using 1.8-inch color LCD screen, Equipped with two sets of speakers and a microphone, and fully meet the needs of industry users’ voice communication and private communication in the noisy environment, with A high-capacity battery to ensure the work efficiency for industry users’ daily mobile communications.

Wireless roaming
·Base on IEEE802.11b/g and SIP protocol

High-speed transmission
·54Mbps high-speed data transmission

Comfortable voice
·G.711& G.729a/b audio code, with high quality voice, low time lag, better stabilization
·Support VAD(Voice Activity Detection)/CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)/ JB(Jitter Buffer)/ AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation)


·WLAN signal strength and battery level status display
·Call log scan and speed dial
·Push to Talk function ( One key Alarm)
·200 records phonebook
·Polylingual menu display
·Support Stopwatch, Calendar, Calculatord
·Support wifi wireless software upgrades
·Support wifi Quality of Service(QoS)
·Support SMS function

Product features
Powerful industry-oriented functions

· Matching set of wireless network communications solution, low-cost and efficient industrial applications
· PTT cluster radio functions, instant effective information send
· SOS one key alarm, designed for help and rescue for industry users under emergencies.

 The rugged design
·Can be used in harsh environment
·Able to withstand falling down to concrete floor from 1.5 meters high many times.
·Protective shell meets the performance standards of IP54, can ward off dust and splash water from every direction.

 Typical applications
·Transportation: command scheduling, group talk, information, data acquisition, task orders in airports, ports, railway stations, subway, etc.
·Postal and courier: command scheduling, group talk, information, data acquisition, etc.
·Power: power lines / equipment inspection, data acquisition, and so on.
·Mining / oil and gas exploration: command scheduling, group talk, information, data collection, inspection equipment and so on.
·Public utilities: Data Acquisition.

Dimensions: (H*W*D) : 150* 70* 30 mm
Weight : 400g
Keypad : Total 23Keys, Including a 5-direct key
Display : 1.8 inch 128*160 color LCD
Time : Talk Time: 6 Hours / Standby Time:80hours+
Accessories : Block-Charger, Quick Start Guide
Phone Book : 200 Records
Call History : Remember 10 calls each of received、missed or dialed
Display Language : English/Chinese(Simplified)
IP Configuration : Static IP / Dynamic IP (DHCP)
Firmware upgrade : Wireless WiFi 
Battery : Rechargeable Cobalt Lithium 3.7V Battery, 1200mAh
WiFi Mode : IEEE802.11b/g
Data Rate : 1-54Mbps
Coverage Range : Outdoors: 200+m / Indoors: 50+m
Frequency Band : 2.4GHz
Modulation Techniques : DSSS: CCK (11Mbps, 5.5 Mbps) / QPSK (2Mbps) / BPSK(1Mbps)/OFDM(54Mbps)
Working Current : ≤260mA
Ringing loudnes : ≥70dB
Antenna Gain: 0dBi
Antenna Impedance : 50Ω
The largest open-circuit voltage : 4.2V
Transmit Power : 15dBm
Sensitivity : <-76dBm@11Mbps
Security : WPS/WEP(64/128 bits) / WPA-PSK/WPA2
Call Control Protocols : SIP - RFC 3261; STUN
Audio : G.711, G



Product Introduction:

Wireless roaming
Support wireless IEEE802.11b/g standard and SIP Protocol

High-speed transmission
54Mbps high-speed data transmission

 Comfortable voice
 G.711& G.729a/b audio code, with high quality voice, low time lag, better stabilization

 Support VAD(Voice Activity Detection)/CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)/ JB(Jitter Buffer)/ AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation




Main Processor

Atheros HS22


1.8 inch 128*160 32K


121x 59 x 28.5mm




Block-charger/ Battery block-charger, 5V 1A  DC input


1500mAh Lithium Manganese battery ( Removable )


Total 24 keys (including SOS, PTT and flashlight keys)


8 LED key backlights/4 charge indicator lights

Protection Class


Explosion-proof Specifications

Intrinsically Safe

External Headset

Support (Optional)


Quick Start Guide

Technical Parameter





Date Rate


Frequency Band


Modulation Techniques

DSSS: CCK (11Mbps, 5.5 Mbps) / QPSK (2Mbps) / BPSK(1Mbps)

Transmit Power



< -76dBm@11Mbps (subject to the actual test value)

Coverage Range

Outdoors: 300m / Indoors: 50m


WEP(64/128 bits) / WPA-PSK /WPA2/WPS

Auto connection

Support storing 8 AP settings and automatically searching and connecting loop



IP Configuration

Static IP / Dynamic IP (DHCP)


Support PTT cluster intercom (With Server Support)

One Key Alarm

Support SOS call (With Server Support)


Support English/Chinese short message and mass texting (With Server Support)



Settings Protection

Password protection for setup menu

Ping function


Keypad lock

Support lock and unlock



Firmware Upgrade

WiFi wireless

Environmental Temperature



1. Data record

Phone book function, support setting individual ring tones.

*Dialed calls;

*Missed calls;

*Received calls;

*Support editing and storing record;

*Quick search for phone book contacts;

*Talk time indicator;

2. Call control

*One key dialing;

*Speed dialing;

*Second dialing;

*Call forward;

*Call hold;

*New call;

*Call mute;

3. Dialing mode

*SIP account dialing;

*P2P dialing, i.e. IP address dialing;

(available without server)

4. Answer mode



5. Ringing mode  (Loud ring tone with backlight flashes prompt)

*Ring tone mode

*Vibration mode

*Ring + vibration mode

6. SMS

*Chinese / English SMS editing, sending and receiving;

*Custom group list;

*SMS group sending;

7. Utilities




*Time display under power off situation / set time synchronization


8. PTT and SOS function

PTT cluster intercom

*Pre-construction group call 

*Temporary group call 

*Temporary group callback

*Person to Person call

SOS one-key alarm

9. PING test

*Manually PING IP

*PING network automatically

*PING DNS automatically

*PING SIP Server automatically

*PING SIP Proxy automatically

*PING STUN Server automatically

10. Firmware Upgrade

*WiFi wireless

11. Power Management

*Standby power indicator

*Low power voice prompt  

*Charging mode:

﹡Block-charger / Battery block-charger mode  

﹡Standard USB charging  

IOP-WPD-2409-D2 is a high-performance industrial WiFi cell phone designated for clients from manufacturing plant, petrochemical plant, dock and the coal-mine industry etc. Besides the call and short message services as owned by ordinary cell phones, IOP-WPD-2409-D2 also integrates functions of Group Call Talk, One Touch SOS, Self-Organized Network and Assisted Positioning. With the advanced industrial design, IOP-WPD-2409-D2 satisfies the explosion proofing, dust screening, drop proofing and shock proofing requirements.


Basic Parameters

Size: 120mm(L) * 52mm(W) * 22mm(H)

Weight: 138g

Screen: 1.8 in., TFT LCD

Battery capacity: 1700mAh

Language: Chinese and English display interface; Chinese and English input

Standby time: >120h; talk time: >8h

Barrier-free speech range: >400m

Lead-free technology; national standard compliance


Wireless Parameters

Supporting IEEE 802.11b/g/n;

Frequency band: 2.4-2.483GHz;

Transmit power: 15~17dBm;

Receiving sensitivity: >-90dB;

Supporting fast Inter-AP handoffs to keep speech fluency;

Supporting WEP64, WEP128, WPA and WPA2 encryptions;

Supporting DHCP automatic acquisition and static configuration of network parameters.



Supporting SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261), good compatibility;

Supporting audio coding and decoding: G.711u G.711a G.729A; DSP echo cancellation technology to cancel large-volume echo; high voice quality; short time delay; high stability;

Supporting large-volume hands-free call;

Supporting caller ID display, call waiting and call forwarding functions


SMS, Phone Book and Call Record

Sending and receiving Chinese and English messages;

Storing 100 messages in Inbox and Outbox respectively;

Supporting Input, Browse and Delete operations; supporting speed dial;

Storing 400 name lists with addresses and phone numbers;

Displaying phone number in groups;

Supporting Search, Input, Browse and Delete operations; supporting speed dial;

Storing name, number, address and email information;

Storing 20 received calls, missed calls and dialed numbers respectively;

Supporting call records deleting or saving; support speed dial.


Configuration and Upgrade

Supporting manual configuration of parameters; supporting crypto guard of key parameters;

Supporting automatic download of configuration file from Server;

Supporting TFTP wireless upgrade of software


Industrial Design


Protective Design

Level of protection: IP54;

Optional explosion-proof battery;

Moisture and corrosion protection;

Satisfying the performance requirement of drop proof, dustproof and shockproof cell phones



Cell phone positioning can be realized through the standard interface of the positioning protocol and the positioning software of upper computer;

Parameters such as position update cycle, positioning server and positioning server port can be set.


Offline Communication

Realizing communication between IOP-WPD-2409-D2 cell phones in absence of SIP Server;

Supporting SMS, call and intercom under offline mode;

Supporting direct dial under offline mode, same as successful SIP registration.

Note: The functions under offline mode shall be performed in the same network segment.


Intercom Function

Special intercom key designed (the black key on side face) for convenient use;

No server, easy arrangement;

Supporting Group Call Talk;

Note: The intercom functions shall be performed in the same network segment.


Push to Alarm

Special alarm key designed (the orange key on side face) for convenient use;

Press the alarm key, red alarm warning will pop up;

Hold on the alarm key, the preset alarm number will be dialed.


Self-Organized Network

Supporting self-organized network between cell phones during wireless network paralysis;

The barrier-free communication distance under the self-organized network mode is larger than 200m;

Supporting SMS, call and intercom;

Service occasions recommended: emergency communication under power cut in pit;

Near range intercommunication between rescuers.


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