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IO-Power USMC-12V0712-II Series Download Download Download Download
Automobile Large Consumption Model

Online Type Uninterruptible Operation Boost & Stable Power System


IO-Power USMC-12V0712-II Series

Automobile Large Consumption Model

Online Uninterruptible Operation + Buck Boost Voltage Convertor Power System

IOP-USMC-12V0712-II series is specifically designed for large power equipment vehicle load system, through vehicle cigarette lighter-powered uninterruptible operation of the system, such as on-board infrared camera, car video host, DVR/NVR 24 hour record, the range of temporary large discharge current device must be over 24 hours or longer-lasting forms online without interrupting the operation of the power system.

IOP-USMC-12V0712-II products, using industrial-grade automatic lifting of buck boost voltage converter and industrial-grade protective metal casing and mechanical design of waterproof dustproof IP66. Importing the latest technology as high and low temperature resistant C-LiFePO4 lithium batteries, unique security management control of charge and discharge protection, low voltage and low power consumption ...number of proprietary technologies, achieving long-term safety of vehicle special high power loads and equipment new applications without interrupting the operation of power systems.

IO-Power USMC-12V0712-II series, take online type does not interrupted of long-term power supply system design, special for strict requirements operation in the system of not interrupted using. Its long-term of power time can over 24 hours above, for examples Cash transport van 24 hours surveillance system, bus lane records device, police car surveillance system, preservation patrol car, 24 hours lane records device camera system, emergency rescue system and mobile power supply system and so on, are very suitable for use.

IO-Power USMC-12V0712-II series online type Uninterruptible Operation power system of the system components including:

1.    Input DC power port: car cigarette lighter DC 12-28V DC power input, automatic lift voltage converter from 18-20V / 4A (5A Max) DC voltage and current, DC UPS power system charge and discharge operation power source.

2. Microprocessor modules: microprocessor for detecting input power management, battery management, battery management power control, output voltage management, system operations control detection and protection management, perform the dimensional transport co-ordination and control of the overall system management.

3. Charging and discharge control module: for battery voltage detection and charging management and the battery discharge management control functions, special design battery full charge and then enable directly power supply to load end features, it will reduced battery of using times and improve battery using life cycle. Auxiliary to low voltage protection and low voltage low power discharge proprietary protection mechanism, on battery of low voltage protection and the system fast recovery operation, provides best protection and efficient of operation mechanism.

4. The DC power output port: DC power supply and discharge detection through microprocessor control and protection, for loading device power requirement, corresponds to taking the appropriate current power supply, minimum 0.5A to maximum 6A DC current supply control.

5. The special enhanced protection measures: four seasons environment for high and low temperature change, efficiency and battery life, may have a serious impact, even used on the security issue. Therefore, for USMC-12V0712-II series of vehicle-specific products, specially designed industrial grade sealed metal shell and flame resistant high temperature resistance waterproof fittings to avoid security problems in the use of the indoor and outdoor environment.

6. Resistance high and low temperature long-term C-LiFePO4 lithium batteries: the vehicle through sunshine will upgrade high temperature environment, it will operation in the system of not interrupted and more long-term using needs. The IOP-USMC-12V0712-II series used customize of resistance high low temperature -20°C ~ +60°C long-term C-LiFePO4 lithium batteries, match metal protection shell and institutions design, it can bear car within low temperature -30°C ~ +75°C of environment temperature operation. And resistance high low temperature long-term C-LiFePO4 lithium batteries of high charging and discharging times and battery life, it can provides less power than the traditional systems more than twice times more electricity power capacity and 7 times more than double the service life cycle, full vehicle large-power-line machine without interrupting the operation of electric power systems of outstanding characteristics.

Special Description 1: Automobile internal by too Sun penetrating sunshine and car is confined does not ventilation environment, so will produced sunshine warming effect, in outdoor temperature up to 36°C, car within temperature by long time sunshine warming, car within will up to 60~65°C, Sunshine direct location will up to 65~70°C around, but as long as Sun sunshine no irradiation to of location, temperature will slightly below car within temperature about up 55~63°C around.

Special description 2: IO-Power USMC-12V0712-II series online type does not interrupted operation power system, due to should car within environment of special high temperature requirements, used resistance high temperature roast paint package covered metal shell, in outdoor temperature up to 36°C, car within temperature by long time sunshine warming, car within will up to 60~65°C, in Sunshine direct products shell surface situation, shell surface temperature about 65°C, shell within temperature about 55~58°C, C-LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries temperature about 50~55°C ;   

IOP-USMC-12V0712-II products, AM 10:00~ PM 4:00 under sunshine temperature test for a long time in the morning, all features of normal operation and provide stable DC 11.5V~14.4V+-3% power to the cameras inside and outside the normal operation of the car.

IOP-USMC-12V0712-II Series Specification






Automobile High Temperature Model

DC Jack

Iron Airtight Housing

IP 67


Built In C-LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries Power Capacity

88 WH

103 WH

117 WH

148 WH

General UPS Label Size (DC Power Factor is Equal to 1)





Max Output Wattage (Battery Life Protection Design)





UPS Discharge Power Supply Time

More than 1hr
@75W/H Discharge

More than 1.3hr
@75W/H Discharge

More than 1.5hr
@75W/H Discharge

More than 1.9hr
@75W/H Discharge

Quickly Full Charge DC UPS Battery Time

About 2.0hr
@3.5A Charging

About 2.5hr
@3.5A Charging

About 3.0hr
@3.5A Charging

About 3.5hr
@3.5A Charging

Vehicle DC Buck Boost Voltage Convertor
DC UPS system
Output DC voltage / current

Through the car cigarette lighter or vehicle power circuit, input DC 12~28V voltage/current 6A (8A Max), the automatic Buck Boost Voltage Convertor (BBVC) output 20VDC/4A (5A Max) to charge the DC UPS power supply system
Output DC voltage / current: 12VDC/6A

External load voltage

DC 11.7V~14.2V +-3%

External load current

3.5A (6A around 75W/H Max)

Battery charging voltage

13.8V~14.2V +-3% Max

Battery standard charging current


Transform Efficiency


Strengthen the protection measures


Special operations functions

l   Power outages without disrupting the operation of the on-line operation system (monitor system not black screen)

l   MCU microprocessor starts, automatic charging and discharging systems functioning State protection

l   Automatically detect abnormal voltage the battery status and abnormal aging or faulty battery or battery charging protection

l   Shell opening record of vandal detection and RS-485 signal alarm mechanism (optional function)

l   With temperature detection records with read function mechanism

l   Mechanism of low temperature (@ -35°C) & high temperature (@ +75°C) protection (Please see note 3 & note 4)

l   Specially designed battery cycle life defining and recording and control mechanisms (optional function)

l   RS-485 input / output interface, can enhance remote management and control in real time (optional function)

l   System operation State record function

l   Support industrial MODBUS communication protocol (allowing the PLC programmable logic control)

l   Input overvoltage protection

l   Input power supply over-current protection

l   Input of positive and negative polarity reverse protection

l   Input short-circuit protection

l   Input lightning or power surge protection up to 1300W

l   Battery full charge, input power supply power directly to the load, maximum output power is reached, at the same time avoiding battery overcharge protection

l   Battery intelligent charging system protection and the float charge function

l   Output power limit voltage protection

l   Output power limit current protection

l   Output of positive and negative polarity reverse protection

l   Output short circuit protection

l   Output lightning or power surge protection up to 1300W

l   Battery voltage is less than 12.8V, MCU microprocessor automatically starts into the battery low discharge warning state

l   Battery discharge below the 11.7V,MCU microprocessor automatically stop discharging into the battery low voltage protection status

l   Battery voltage is lower than 11.2V, MCU microprocessor goes into sleep protection status

l   Battery low voltage static ultra-low power protection

l   When the input power, MCU microprocessor automatically starts recovery operation mechanism

l   After discharge low voltage battery protection to restart the battery, special designed discharge voltage protection function

l   Discharging under load, batteries have added support mode power supply operation

l   Match the automatic Buck Boost Voltage Convertor (BBVC), with car cigarette lighter power connection charging port and protection (including fuse)

l   Match the automatic Buck Boost Voltage Convertor (BBVC), with buck boost voltage, fixed voltage, and stabilizing the voltage to upgrade effect of power supply protection.

l   Match the automatic Buck Boost Voltage Convertor (BBVC), overvoltage and overcurrent and lightning / power surge protection (30V 1500W)

l   Match the automatic Buck Boost Voltage Convertor (BBVC), DC 18-20VDC power supply can be used as a vehicle and charge the notebook or device for temporary

l   Specially designed "Automatically Detect the Healing Recovery Function", to solve user errors using an action or temporary power Input charge / output discharge for abnormal, causing alarm fault automatic removal mechanism of State

Support Battery Type

C-LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries
Lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries or other battery, can be customized to modify (optional function)

Battery Safety Protection

Use pressure type explosion-proof battery design

Built-in battery capacity range

6.9Ah @ 12.8V (88WH) ~ 14.5Ah @ 12.8V (185WH)

Battery Charge Mode

CC/CV MCU Automatic charging mode control

Battery Charge Voltage

14.2V +- 3%

Battery Charge Float Voltage

13.8V +- 3%

Battery Cut-off Discharge Voltage

11.7V +- 3%

Battery recovery discharge voltage

12.8V +- 3%

Max. Charge Current


Max. Discharge Current

6A (Using load-discharge C-LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries, the maximum discharge current is 6A around 75W/H)

Charging and Discharging at same time, the Max. discharge current


Charging and Discharging at same time, the Max. discharge watts

50W/H, recommends assessing the normal functioning of the system total power consumption, lower wattage requirements is appropriate.

Life cycle the battery 0.2C charge & 0.5C discharge

(Battery capacity remaining after using 80%, the defined service life will terminate)

@ 25°C 2000 Times (@ 25°C discharging 800 times: after more than 93% capacity, @ 25°C discharging 1100 times: after more than 90% capacity)
@ 45
°C 1600 Times
@ 50
°C 1200 Times
@ 60
°C 550 Times
@ 60
°C 720 Times  70%

Industrial Housing & Connector

Iron Airtight Housing
IP 68 Gland Connector

Connector Type

Vehicle charging circuit or car cigarette lighter, enter 12~28V DC voltage / current 6A (8A Max)
DC output: 12V DC Jack to DC Jack connector
Input / Output I/O interface: RS-485 (optional function)

Operating Temperature

(Discharge Temperature)

-30°C ~ +70°C (Including the chassis of the machine working temperature tolerance)
°C ~ +60°C (Excluding institutions, the battery operating temperature tolerance)
°C ~ +40°C Battery Capacity:100%
°C Battery Capacity : 60%
°C Battery Capacity : 48%

Charging Temperature

-35°C ~ +75°C (Including the casing machine operation)

Storage Temperature

-35°C ~ +75°CRecommendations at +20°C ~ +30°C environmental temperature for storage.

Rel. Humidity


Storage Time

Do not wake the system can store 12 months
(after you wake the system, each 3 months charging 1 times; Please fully charging battery in first times to use)


DC UPS : 210(L) x 110(W) x 150mm(H); BBVC : 195mm(L)x92mm(W)x48mm(H)


2.3Kg + 0.5Kg(BBVC)

2.5Kg + 0.5Kg(BBVC)

2.7Kg + 0.5Kg(BBVC)

2.9Kg + 0.5Kg(BBVC)

LED Indicator

1. AC input (Converted to DC power supplies): red light constant light, show on battery in full charge status.
2. AC input (Converted to DC power supplies): red light flashing display, represents the battery is charging status.
3. When the battery is not charging, insert the 12VDC device load discharge, discharge the green light constant light show, shine on behalf of low voltage in discharge, please do the charging operation
4. Simultaneous charging of the battery, insert the 12VDC device load discharge, discharge the green light constant light show
5. AC input (Converted to DC power supplies): quick shine a red light shows that represents an input power supply or the input port or the battery charge State, please remove the input power terminal as soon as possible.
6. Insert the load discharge 12VDC devices: fast shiny green display on behalf of power output or output port or abnormal battery discharge condition is request to remove output power connector as soon as possible.

Note 1: when the system alarm status, please remove the cause as soon as possible the reason for the exception. When after eliminating abnormal, just re-switch input power supply or plug power to supply again, the red LED flashing light signal will resume once per second in charging status. Those processing will remove most of the alarm status, allow the system to resume normal operation.

Note 2: when a temporary abnormal use or abnormal operation occurs, causing the system to start the alarm status, specially designed automatic recovery mechanism 3 times the purpose and again after every 10 seconds to detect anomalies and try to exclude temporary malfunction alarm state.






1.Street lamp pole mount
2.Upright pole mount
3.Wall mount installation
4.DIN Rail (Optional)


Intelligent charge & discharge main board & IP66 housing & parts support two years limited warranty.
Customize C-LiFePO4 lithium batteries support one year limited warranty.

Note 1: Battery Capacity is +- 5%.

Note 2: Product specifications change, without notice, consultation with agent or dealer before buying the latest specifications.

Note 3: detect the temperature reached -30, start the red LED have low temperature warning, reach low temperature -35 , a start-stop system function will enable, when temperatures returned to above -30, normal operation will resume.

Note 4: detect the temperature reached +70, start red LED have high temperature warning, reach high temperature +75, a start-stop system function will enable, when temperatures back below +70 temperature, normal operation will resume.


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